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Native American Bone DreamCatcher
Unusual Native American dreamcatcher; Bleached bone frame; deer sinew; buckskin fringes with red beads and black feathers; Width, 4 1/2", Length, 24"; Artist unknown
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DreamCatcher-Medicine Wheel
Unusual artistic combination of two Native American circle symbols--the dreamcatcher as the outer circle and the medicine wheel as the inner circle. The dreamcatcher is buckskin wrapped with deer sinew; the medicine wheel center is four elongated brown beads with silver tips nd a central abalone shell circle decorated with buckskin and blue and white beads; a medicine pouch hangs from the medicine wheel part of the circle, while black feathers hang from the dreamcatacher portion of the circle; Diameter, 6".
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Ojibwe Deer Antler DreamCatcher
Beautiful table style Ojibwe dreamcatcher; an eight point deer antler holds a bark-circled dreamcatcher made of sinew and beads; The deer antler is painted with a rising eagle. The base is a large pine slice rimmed with bobcat fur and decorated with agates; Spirit feathers hang from the antler. Height, 14"; width, 16 1/2". Artist, Tom Strobel, Ojibwe
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