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Opwaagan-inini (Pipe Man)
Beautifully incised deer antler carving; Ojibwe elder with headress and feather carrying ceremonial pipe; Pipe is pipestone and deer antler; set on pipestone base with spirit bell, beads, and painted feather. Height 6". Artist: Mino-Giizhig--Wayne Valliere, Ojibwe
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Negaanii-inini (Headman)
Outstanding large multicarved deer horn. Eagles come to four unique and intricately carved elders, giving them wisdom and courage to guide the people; spirit bells , beads, and painted feathers; beaded oak leaf; Height 9", Length 10". Artist: Mino-giizhig-Wayne Valliere, Ojibwe.
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Spirit Skull
Outstanding Carving: In pre-contact times, when a hunter bagged an exceptional deer, the skull was decorated and paraded through the village to honor the deer for giving himself to the people. Painted and carved skull and horns. Bear incised in mid-skull above painted bear claw; Bear, eagle, and two elders carved into deer horns; braided sweetgrass hoop, beads, painted feathers; two eagle figures hanging from each horn. Approximately 16" high, 17" wide; Artist: Mino-Giizhig-Wayne Valliere
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Ogiimaa-mokomaan (Chief Knife)
Exquisitely carved deer antler ceremonial hunting knife. Warrior figure with full headdress and ceremonial garb; handmade deerskin sheath with beadwork and spirit bells; Hand-hewn blade. Approximately 14 1/2" long. Artist: Mino-Giizhig-Wayne Valliere
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Ojibwe Birchbark Waste Basket
Handsome large Ojibwe birchbark waste basket; white paper birch exterior, natural interior and trim; willow edging sewn with basswood strips; Height 15 1/2", Diameter, 12 1'2"
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